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Batik Still Favorite

Batik Still Favorite

Along the course of time batik has grown from traditional article to a trend of fashion. finding the products could be easy this time various kinds are offered with designs and motifs following today’s favorite line.

These days batik has become a style of fashion numerous shops in the city display an array of products following today’s trend in a batik shop at argosari market, gunung kidul customers could find their favorite batik in affordable prices which start from twenty five thousand to one hundred thousand rupiah batik of Yogyakartan and surakartan motifs are available in here so people would not have to go miles for the cities.

According to owner of the shop narto warjono interest in batik products is high this time showing that people in the district of gunung kidul are placing batik as part of lifestyle this shop mostly displays batik of yogyakartan and surakartan designs, since these kinds are the most favorite amongst others.

Afirtha – Chandra

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